Emil Naula


Emil Naula, Sweden.

‘I have an university background in Political Science and Journalism and I think my art usually reflects upon this. I work conceptually and let my idea of a concept determine the medium and the execution for each piece.’

“One issue, affecting the people of Sudan and South Sudan, that has long since caught my attention is the foreigner’s hunt for oil in these countries. Their actions are widely debated – not least since their mere presence is supporting a regime that is causing displacement and violence towards an already exposed people.
The chairmen and owners of these companies are to be found in my own safe, western society. This fact disgusts me, but it also connects me and my everyday life to the lives of the people in these two countries. While we can frown about it while reading the newspaper over our cup of coffee, these women, children and men live in this reality everyday. I feel that awareness needs to be raised ‘back home’, and this triggers my participation in the Canvas Peace Project.”
‘A Closer Look’
Document, glass, loupe
Close up, view through the loupe

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